Riding Hat Pewter Napkin Ring Set


Showcase your passion for all things equine, with our solid pewter Riding Hat Napkin Rings. Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, each napkin ring features realistic chin straps, short brims and decorative bows on the back. Fine detailing even includes the seam lines of each helmet's reinforced shell, capped by the traditional covered button at the top.

A must have for any equestrian themed dining event, these rings will inspire conversation and accolades long after your meal is finished.

Made of handcrafted solid lead free pewter. Hand washing is recommended. If placing in the dishwasher, use low heat and non acidic detergent.

Set of four napkin rings. 

2-week delivery.

Napkin Rings Measure: 2.75" L x 2.5" H

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