From the Varga glassworks in Budapest, Hungary, comes the most beautiful crystal barware that currently graces palaces, embassies, museums and celebrity homes around the globe. Collected by presidents, royalty, heads of state and dignitaries, each piece of Varga crystal is an original - skillfully and creatively crafted entirely by hand.

Using the rare copper and diamond-wheel engraving process practiced today by only a handful of highly skilled craftsmen, engravers transform crystal into living works of art while achieving incredible depth, detail and brilliance. Each hand-cut stem or intricately engraved crystal masterpiece is individually signed by hand. 

The American Quarterhorse pattern celebrates one of the world's top breeds. Flat cutting methodology combined with a precise deep engraving technique emphasizes the characteristics that make this breed praiseworthy.

Hand wash with care in warm, soapy water. Rinse in warm water, and dry with soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Barware is sold in sets of four glasses. Matching Decanter also available.

Varga engraved crystal stemware and decanters may require 2-4 months crafting/delivery. 

Glass Set Options:
4-Pc. Short DOF/Rocks Glass Set
4-Pc. Tall Hi-Ball Glass Set
4-Pc. Champagne Flute Set
4-Pc. Wine Goblet Set