Sterling Silver Comfort Fit Snaffle Bits Bracelet


If you've been looking for a horse bit bracelet that truly fits comfortably on your wrist, this is the piece for you. Sterling silver from end to end, look closely and you'll notice that the D-Bits are actually curved to contour to your wrist. Double sterling silver rings connect the bit rings together, adding an unexpectedly chic touch to this iconic bracelet.

Bracelet measures 7 1/2" Long. Each full bit measures 2" long 3/4" wide.

It is a truly comfortable statement piece to add to your equestrian jewelry collection. 2-week delivery.

Also available in a matching 24" long necklace as well as a stunning combination Necklace/Bracelet Set.

Jewelry Options:
Sterling Silver Comfort Fit Bit Bracelet
Sterling Silver Bit Necklace
2-Pc. Sterling Silver Bit Bracelet/Necklace Set

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