Platform Base Engraved Equine Centerpiece Bowl


Worthy of putting on a pedestal, the majestic horse has been a symbol of grace and strength throughout centuries. We celebrate the horse's magnificence with an equally magnificent display bowl.

Kiln-shaped plate glass is layered in squared sheets to form a striking pedestal base. Atop sits a sandblast-etched plate glass bowl ringed with galloping horses.

An extraordinary addition to your home decor, it also makes an unforgettable gift. Indeed, President George W. Bush presented one of these American-made bowls to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Phillip on the occasion of the G8 Summit in 2005.  

The Equine Centerpiece Bowl is available in three sizes. 2-week delivery.

Display Bowl Sizes:
Large:     16" Diameter
Medium: 10" Diameter
Small:       8" Diameter

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