Closed End Rope Handles/Towel Bars


These western styled rope accessories will give any equestrian themed home a sophisticated, custom look. Each Closed-End Handle/Towel Bar is crafted by hand and created in the finest materials. They feature a single coil of heavy rope with inner stainless steel core, to provide stiffness and strength, fixed into two chrome plated end wall mounts.  Wall anchors and screws included. 

End mounts are chrome plated. Rope colors available include brown, navy, black or natural.

Handle size: 14" (measured from the center of one wall mount to the center of the other wall mount. Actual rope length is 12.5". Full length measured from the outside edge of each wall mount base is 15.75".)

Towel Bar sizes:  14", 18" and 24". (For full length measurement from the outside edge of each wall mount, add 1.75" to these lengths )  

Custom lengths available by special order. 2-week delivery.

Rope Colors: Brown, Navy, Natural or Black

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